Art Play…Encaustic on canvas

Today I altered this old canvas to make it look more steampunk. It already had some paint, wax, stamping and images on it. I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to use beeswax over paint, but oh well…it kinda worked. Then I found out you really needed resin with the beeswax…sigh. So I bought resin, but also the mix with the wax and resin which is much easier to work with. Today I added some cut out paper from a tablet called Steampunk Botanica by Recollections. I also added a little blue and red oil pastels.  Oil pastels go great with melted wax. I used the blue to set the bird image apart from the same surrounding color. And…as usual…I forgot to sign it before all the wax. So I wrote my name on some deli paper and added it with more wax at the end. Finished…yay! Time to go out to dinner…I’ll show you what else I made today later…bye, come again!class pics008


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