Sketching on location

class pics019ImageThis morning I sketched on location at Misson Trails park in San Diego.  It is near my house.  My usual sketch kit consists of a waterproof black pen, travel watercolor set, paper towel, small bottle of water and some textures, and a sketch book. Currently I am using a Strathmore Visual Journal, 5.5×8, watercolor book. I use Pigma 01 and 03, stadler pens or Prismacolor in waterproof black. Today I did my sketch with an elegant writer pen by Speedball. It has a calligraphy tip and bleeds when you touch it with water.  I have 3 watercolor sets. Two are the Koi by Sakura in 12 and 24 colors. I like these because they come with a wonderful water brush. I also carry an extra water brush, green in color, by Kuretake.  I like my windsor-newton paint set because it is so tiny, but it only comes with a small travel brush. Water brushes are so convenient because you don’t need an extra water source. I carry the small hotel shampoo size water as a back-up or to wet the brush when it isn’t flowing as much as I’d like.

My process is to sketch in pen on location getting down simple lines. I am not interested in making a realistic, detailed painting…only my impression of the scene.  I guess I do okay as two of my travel journals have been published in Somerset studio’s ArtJournaling magazine.   After the sketch I will watercolor in the scene ignoring lines I may have made in error.  Then I may add details with the pen again.

So, give it a try. Sketching on location will enhance your experience. You will see details you may have missed and remember the scene more vividly later.





One thought on “Sketching on location”

  1. Thanks Linda for your inspiration. I am the tall man white hair who met you at Balboa Fri. I found Sakuro moi travel kit here in Phoenix today. I will start doing Arizona landscapes next week. Need you to confirm rollerball pen you use please?
    Thanks again. Regards Wayne Magee
    Ps: I like your web page and again cant thank you enough for the inspiration and encouragement.

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