Zentangle-inspired mixed media canvas

Zentangle-inspired mixed media canvas

I taught this class last Sunday at Fred’s Mexican restaurant in Old Town through Inspiresdstudio.com We had a great time, but these intricate patterns take a long time to complete. First we covered an 8×10 stretched canvas with text from old books. I love to collect books from used book stores in different languages. I especially love it when the pages are a deep brown on the edges indicative of age. We tear the pages into interesting shapes…not whole pages or all squares. We arrange them in different directions. We adhere the text with mod podge under and over. Then we adhere a copyright free image and let the whole thing really dry. The words come next which are best applied with IDentipens. I like to use the thin side for the lines and the thick side for the text. As you can see, I repeat or carry the patterns from one side of the canvas to another to create a harmonious composition. Some areas are colored in with pens. Lastly, burnt sienna was floated in the image shadows and around the patterns with an angle shader brush. The canvas is then coated with several layers of mod podge or varnish. Now go try it yourself, okay?


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