Playing with gelli plate

Yesterday my art-heart sisters and I played with our gelli plates. In the past I did gelli prints on the backs and fronts of scrapbook papers, plain white papers and tissue paper. I made journals and cards from some of my prints on papers. I made washi tape from the tissue paper. I use yudu water-based screen-printing ink and Speedball block printing inks. You can also use acrylics, but these inks stay wet longer. I learned to do my prints in layers using only one color, or sometimes a touch of another. The first layers I like to do a pattern, like bubble wrap, or an overall pattern.  The top layer I like to use a stencil.  I had read about prints on deli paper. It is stronger than the tissue paper and so not as likely to tear.  It has a transparency, so I’ll try to make some washi tape and use it as a collage element in my altered books, canvas’ and art journals. If you don’t have a gelli plate, you could always smear some paint on a piece of glass and try making a monoprint from that by laying a paper over the paint and use a brayer on the back to transfer the paint. Without a brayer, you can use a bottle or glass or rolling pin to press the paper down. The advantage of the gelli plate over the glass is the “give” of the gelli plate gives a lot more pattern in the transfer than the hard surface of the glass. Now go play!ImageImageImage


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