Encaustic on Canvas

Today I wanted to see if I could make encaustic art on canvas. I used a 5×7 canvas board and an 8×10 stretched canvas. First I covered the front with handmade papers that I bought in a pack from Costco years ago.  I used mod podge to adhere the papers, but only on the back of the papers and not on the front as is the usual collage process. The reason for this is to let the front be more porous to accept the wax medium.  I use tiny chunks of the medium which is a mix of beeswax and damar resin from a 1 lb. bag. Ideally encaustic is done on a wood substrate, but we were having trouble finding a source for the wood for a class I plan to teach next month.

I added my signature with black permanent pen and drew the tree on the larger canvas.  Then I added a layer of the wax medium with a small quilting iron to both canvas’.  To the smaller canvas I used the melted wax to add pieces of gelli printed tissue paper all over. Then I added a copy of a vintage child.  With puddles of wax I added the embellishments of vintage flowers, gold braid, a metal heart and buttons. I kept adding pellets of wax pushed under the edges until everything was well embedded.

To the tree I added layers of oil pastels in black, grey, brown and blues. After each layer with wax, I would make some scratches and fill them with more color. The tree now has a raised textured look and feel.

I think this technique worked just fine on canvas. Now I will wait until they set for 24 hours before I polish the wax to a beautiful shine. Now go play!ImageImage 


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