Dylusions, Gelli and Duck tape book

Yesterday I decided to make a quick book. I saw a YouTube video by Kiala Givehand on making a book with Duck tape. (Her videos are wonderful!) I have a lot of tape from when I made duck tape pens and a case for my tablet.  Previously I cut 12×12 scrapbook papers in quarters to fit my gelli plate. I made a pile of backgrounds, and these are what I made into the book.  I followed Kiala’s lead and cut my duck tape in half down the middle of a 6″ long piece so I wouldn’t cover up too much of the patterned papers. I used an exacto knife on a cutting mat so the tape was easy to measure and cut with a metal ruler.ImageImageImageImage The papers were aligned next to each other and the tape made them into a 12×6 page spread. After about 5 pages, I had to open the book to even out the sides so my new page would have some pages under it and there wasn’t such a discrepancy in height.  I thought I would use all my papers, but 20 seemed like enough.class project007

Now it was time to find a big enough piece of paper for the cover. It needed to be slightly larger than my book pages plus room for the spine. There was a heavy watercolor paper filled with dylusions spray patterns that was large enough. I cut the 6 1/2″ piece from the long side that I liked.  I measured the spine, beginning after the 6 1/2″ cover, and scored the paper on the back with a smallish stylus. After scoring the back of the spine, I cut off the last piece after lining up the back cover with the front. I attached this to the book with additional pieces of duck tape inside the covers.

This book went together very quickly.  I’m not sure what I’ll use it for yet. Perhaps it will be quotes, perhaps collages and thoughts.  I tried to do some pen work, but the gelli inks seemed to clog my black and white pens. I use block printing inks, so I think that is the problem with the pens.


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