Sketching on location with colored pencils

Are you a sketcher?  Well, if not, you should just go out and try it! You don’t have to show it to anyone and you don’t even have to be on public display. Some of my favorite sketches are done in my back yard. Spring  always has me wanting to capture those peach and apple blossoms. But I digress….Yesterday I wanted to see the new art display at the Mission Trails Visitor Center near my house.  A friend of mine was included in the artists from the Colored Pencil Society of America. I usually sketch with a micron pen and watercolors, but as homage to the display I took my Toned Grey Strathmore sketchbook with a set of 24 Prismacolor pencils.Image

There are quite a few wonderful rock formations and hills in the park. These are some of my favorite subjects. I began with the three main hill outlines and then put in a lot of white rocks.  I always seem to change the colors and arrangement of the scene…but I call that poetic license.  The hills have scant green areas with lots of grey and yellowish soil and rocks. I used all the blues I had along with white and purple for the sky, keeping the lines going in the same direction.  The real sky was a pretty and cloudless even blue color. I used purple, red, brown and black in the shading of the rocks. 

Colored pencils are fun to layer and layer. I didn’t have all the colors I wanted with me, so I finished up the sketch this morning with my 48 color set of Prismacolors…I really wanted a grey, more greens and browns and yellows. I pushed the back hill back with a nice layer of grey and purple. I brought the hill in the foreground forward with lots of little dots and strokes of texture. Pencils are fun to play with when you have great pencils on nice paper. Now go play!Image


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