Making up Stories, Gelli plate and Duck tape book

Hello my artful friends! Here is what I decided to do with my Duck tape and gelli print book. I glued in vintage images from my stash…a drawer of colored images.  I decided to make up stories to go with the pictures.  I titled the book,  “Stories They Told Me”.  So I’m pretending I’ve met these lovelies and talked with them about this particular photo. I gave them names. The first is Anna Yvshenkov. I chose a Russian sounding name because I think of ballet and Russia together. I kept thinking of sad stories and didn’t want to go in that direction. I also wanted to leave you wanting more of the story…so feel free to elaborate in your head. The whole birthday idea came from some confetti that was on the table in front of me…it had this birthday cupcake. The rest of the page was done with Stadler and IDentipen markers. The little stars and ticket are tim holtz rub ons.Image

The next page spread is of Lovely Lorraine Littmann.  She got her last name from another random piece from my art table(sometimes used as a dining room table).  It probably came from clothing of some kind and says Littmann Quality with an L.  (Perhaps it wasn’t clothing at all, and I apologize for not knowing the source!) Again I used pens for the rest of the spread and may or may not add any other embellishments. Sometimes something just calls to be added, you never know. I am more interested in art play than in stressing over whether or not something is perfect, or finished, or anything else. I just want to amuse myself and make something.  Image

Hope you find the time to go make up your own stories. Just play and be joyful!


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