Artsy figures to use in your Altered Books

class project016 Here are some fun figures to use in your altered books, art journals or collaged canvas’. First you take some colored 8 1/2″ x 11″ cardstock. I used colors from a Sugar Candy 50 sheet pack from Michaels. Next you loosely brush on some paint using a 3/4″ flat brush. I used Americana craft acrylic paints in Saffron Yellow, Irish Moss and Royal Fuchsia. The colors of paper and paint aren’t important…just use whatever you have on hand. Brush on one color at a time leaving your strokes showing and some paper underneath. I’ve done this with 2 colors on some sheets and 3 on others.class project013class project014class project015

After the paint dries, which is pretty quickly, you begin stamping. I use a variety of random stamps with one face stamp placed near the top of the page. The stamp pad used is Versafine in Onyx Black. After placing the face, randomly stamp 2-5 of the same image around the sheet, then change stamps and do the next in the same manner until the page is filled. It may be easier to start with the larger stamps after the face.class project019class project020

For your body shape, you may trace around a figure from a book, magazine, photo or use a template from a doll set or draw your own. I have some made of mylar or thin plastic and some from cardstock or manila folders. Trace around your templates and cut out the figures. The rest of the painted and stamped sheet can be used for other cut outs and collage pieces like flowers, stars, hearts and leaves. Often I will get out my box of stencils and keep cutting shapes until there is nothing left to work with.class project017

This is a fun and easy activity for any level of artist. Now go play! Artful hugs to you, linda


2 thoughts on “Artsy figures to use in your Altered Books”

    1. Sorry I didn’t reply to your comment sooner! My whole goal in life is to inspire people to make art with joy…your getting inspiration from something I posted makes me very happy! Thanks!

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