Encaustic on canvas by melting wax

I will be teaching a class on encaustics next week and my usual method of using the pellets and a tiny quilting iron doesn’t really work for more than one person. I was given a melting pot by Ranger and decided to try that with the wax medium(beeswax plus damar resin)and a bristle brush. I used a lot more wax which gives it a lot of depth. I had watched a lot of videos on image transfers on wax and it looked easy enough…unfortunately, didn’t work that well for me…more practice, I guess. I think I didn’t get the surface smooth enough to start with, perhaps didn’t burnish enough and was a little hasty with the removal of the paper. So I layered images, napkins, flowers and another image. Not fond of the outcome…so if anyone wants this one, speak up.

Art isn’t always about the outcome…sometimes it is learning what not to do. So here is my fail…but I’m not about to give up…now go play.



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