Sketching and painting in a grid

sketchbooks016Sometimes you would like to sketch several small montages instead of a whole scene. On this first page I had gathered the fall leaves in Wisconsin and brought them inside to sketch.  Here is my process. My favorite everyday sketchbook is the Visual Journal by Strathmoresketchbooks017I use repositionable tape and section off the areas. (I re-use the tape for other pages and just keep it inside my cover.)Then I use watercolor washes to give the sections a cohesion even though each section will be a separate picture.sketchbooks018After painting in all the sections, or adding journaling in some, I remove the tape and have the option of writing in the empty lines.sketchbooks015This second page I did because the architecture in Balboa Park is quite intimidating to me.  By breaking it up into small sections, I am a little braver to capture some of the interesting details.  This is a simple technique that I hope you will try in your sketchbook. Now go make art!