Keeping up with online art projects

Have you ever joined an online art group or challenged yourself to a yearlong project? In the beginning we all have high hopes and aspirations to make a lot of art daily, weekly or monthly and then fall behind. We seem to do this with diets and resolutions as well. I’ve come up with some ideas to help us along the way without feeling like total failures.

. In 2013 I did an online group and discovered I didn’t like the song title prompts since I didn’t know the songs. Sometimes I made art from the titles. Sometimes I listened to the song online, then did the art. It didn’t seem personal or exciting to me, so I switched gears, made up my own prompts, and dropped the project all together. As much as we’d like to sometimes, we really don’t change much. Don’t beat yourself up over not completing a project. Once you realize a group isn’t for you, move on. We all don’t have the same tastes in art or art prompts and it’s okay to let go and move on.

Last year I started Journal 52 with high hopes. I made my book…well started to…by cutting and exposing a corregated cardboard cover that I planned to decorate…sigh. I cut enough pages of bristol to get started. I had the grand idea to put the word prompts or part of them in block letters along the end of each page and cut around them. I didn’t think I’d have any trouble keeping up as the pages weren’t that big and there was only one a week Chelle Stein had such wonderful prompts. I may have finished 8 or 10 of the 52.
Journal 52004

Journal 52005

Journal 52006

Journal 52007

Journal 52008

Journal 52009

Journal 52010

As I knew I loved this group, this year I began again. But, knowing myself and my busy life, I decided to pare down my expectations. Not every page would be a weeks worth of work. I’d start with a smallish premade book. That takes several hours off the table. No restraints as to shape or decor of pages. Make art for the prompts for me. Post them or not. We are only on week 5, but so far so good…and already better than last year!
journal 52001

journal 52002

So here is my advice. Do the prompts you want to do.
See the project as a learning experience without expectations.
Like a diet, let lapses go and start each day/week as a new beginning.
Change directions if something isn’t working for you.
Re-title: Instead of 365 days of faces….365 days (or thereabouts) of faces
Almost 52 week journal
Prompts I liked from 2015
Art should be fun and if it becomes filled with angst and pressure, it is time to lighten up and move on to whatever makes the joy come back into your art making. Now go play!


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