Peeled Paint method

This is an easy way to make an interesting background for your art. It is designed to look like years of wear and tear on your substrate with subsequent layers showing through. Let’s get started!

The first step is to cover your surface with papers and paint. I use Decoart Americana brand craft paints in the bottles.  This can be on a canvas, as the sample above, or a page spread as shown in my process. I have used text, notes, napkins and papers that are mod podged to the surface. You can also use gel medium. Then I came in with acrylic paints to cover the white areas.366 days406

The second step is to cover the areas you want to show through with petroleum jelly. You may want to save images and some of the underneath paint color. Then cover the whole surface with a new color of paint. Let the whole thing dry. The areas with jelly underneath may be a little mottled. I don’t have a photo of this step as I didn’t want to get my copier full of jelly.

The third step is to wipe off the surface when it is completely dry. I use paper towels to do this. Keep changing to a clean area of towel until the surface feels dry and the jelly is all gone. Your paint will have a nice textured look.366 days407

At this point you may want to add some new papers. Then add more jelly to the parts you want to save. Try to include  places from the first and second layers with images and paint colors from both.366 days408

Cover the whole surface with a new color of paint and let dry completely. When dry you can repeat the process of wiping off the paint and jelly to reveal a new incarnation of your wonderful background. Now you can finish the piece with a focal image on the top as I did in the canvas painting above.366 days409

Here is one more canvas I did where the image is under the final layer of paint. Now go forth and try a few paintings of your own.canvas'001