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ZIA…zentangle inspired art

I just learned what to call my doodling with a plan…zentangle inspired art. I guess since I am not a CZT..certified zentangle teacher by studying with Rick and Maria…I can’t call what I do zentangle.  So, semantics aside, I received a wonderful new book for Christmas called The Beauty of Zentangle by Suzanne Mc Neill, CZT and Cindy Shepard, CZT. They have included examples from 137 tangle artists from all over the world. It is a fabulous book full of inspiration! I was so entranced by a couple of tangles I hadn’t seen before, that I set about doing them over and over to learn them well.

I was also delighted to see two of my friends included in the book. Sandra Strait of lifeimitatesdoodles and I exchanged atcs (artist trading cards) just before she began her obsession and delight in tangling. I remember her asking if anyone else loved making up new designs. I was mesmerized by some of her early work and how intricately she would shade her art. I’m not surprised at all about her current success. The other person I recognized in the book is the owner of a shop I frequent,  someone I know  personally, Jennifer Van Pelt, CZT. Her work is so precise and designed so beautifully that it is a pleasure to see it around the shop.

Right now I am working on a card for my Mom’s 91st birthday. No one should have a January birthday…especially if it comes early in the month. I’m using a card that I marbled when I had out the shaving cream some time ago. I drew two halves of a heart and “tied” them together with strings. One of the cards shown here will give you an idea of that.

So here are the cards I made from December 26th to the 29th. The face idea came from Annika Sylte of Norway. She drew a beautiful face, I glued one on. The cards are atc sized because I plan to trade them at Artzona in February. atc,zentangle001 atc,zentangle002


ATCs, Artist Trading Cards

Have you heard of artist trading cards? They are original works of art, 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″, to trade with other artists.  They are the same size as poker playing cards, baseball cards or other trading cards. You can use any medium to make art on them as well as a variety of substrates. You can join online or in person groups to trade with artists around the world. I belong to an international online group called atcsforall. I am also lucky enough to have an in person group for art card trades.

Atcs are what led me in new art directions. I had done watercolor and acrylics and sumi e, and the cards encouraged an exploration of mixed media which led to altered books, art journaling and encaustics. 

After a week away, my atcs were my daily art recently. Our in person atc/mixed media group is exploring uses of washi tape and paint chips.  My atcs with washi tape include a variety of Tim Holtz elements plus some others. I used Miracle Tape by Viva Las Vegastamps to make some original washi tape from my gelli plate printed tissue paper.

I plan to make some paint chip atcs similar to some I made years ago. The idea is not original, but I don’t remember the original source. For these I attached the paint chips with eyelets using my Crop-a-dial.  I drew the faces, arms and legs on flesh colored paper, gluing on the heads and arms, but letting the legs dangle from small pieces of trellis yarn.

If you haven’t tried making atcs, it is a quick art form because it is so small. You can use so many of the art materials you have on hand and it is great for using up small pieces. In another post I’ll talk about round robin atcs. Now go play!ImageImageImageImageImageImage