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Personal Handwriting

People have told me they like my handwriting when they see my art journals. I did get A’s in handwriting while I got C’s in art! Now it is all well and good if you have good handwriting, but to add your personal script in your art is less about it being good than it is being yours.


Have you ever found a handwritten note, card or recipe from a relative who is no longer here? Isn’t it thrilling to see something that you know they held in their hands and wrote themselves. Even our children’s handwriting tentative and inexperienced as it is brings a special joy. These things have meaning not because they are “pretty” but because they are evidence from a precious hand. Your hand, your writing is just as precious and should be added to your art.


I love my friend Gerry’s handwriting. I used it as a background paper on one of my journal page spreads.


I had a letter from a German relative. Carl Heinz had organized a family reunion in Germany that we attended a few years before he died. So his last hand-written letter to us was precious to me and I photocopied it and used several bits of it in an altered book about family stories.

So, be brave, leave your mark. It is nice to have fancy stamped words and interesting cut out words, but nothing can compare to your own handwriting. Leave behind your art, but also your own special handprint..your written words for future generations to touch.


Carving your own stamps

Have you ever wanted to make your own stamps? It may be easier than you thought! You can just carve patterns. Houses are always fun and fit into a variety of places in your art.  For the flower stamp, I used a flower shaped eraser!  The easy carve material from Speedball or Artist and Craftsman is much easier to carve than the erasers which are a bit harder rubber. I bought a carving set, but find I mostly use the curved tool for gouging out my pattern. For the face and dancing girl, I traced an image with a pencil onto tracing paper. I tried to transfer the image with graphite paper, but it wouldn’t stick. In desperation I just turned the pencil over and rubbed the back. Voila…a perfect image appeared! Much easier than I made it out to be.  It is really fun to stamp in black ink over your fancy gelli plate or dylusions spray backgrounds. I prefer the black Versafine stamp pad. It is waterproof and gives a great impression. Try it…you might like it!Stamps 001

Making backgrounds with Kids Fingerpaints

Art011Making backgrounds with Kids Fingerpaints

Sometimes you just have to play! I made this beautiful background using fingerpaints from a dollar store. The background is canvas paper.  I used my fingers…what else! On some of the papers I used a stamp of a flower. If you use a rubber stamp be sure to clean it right away, although the fingerpaints may clean up easier than acrylics. I blended colors and patted and smeared. Then I  used punchinella to pounce through and print with. I don’t think I’ve used this background yet, but have lots of ideas on how to use it. It would be great for atcs, altered books, journal pages and mixed media canvas’. I generally photocopy my backgrounds before cutting them up so I can use them in other art. I think it is time to go play…just have fun with it!