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Making Faces

I would like to draw faces better. I have been told to practice, practice, practice. Well, I need a bit of fun added to all that. I got some new small journals from my friend, Beth. She decorated the covers with a gelatin plate print.


I drew my first face looking at a photo in a magazine. Well, at least you can recognize it as a face. Now to add the amusing part. I found words that are positive and words that are negative. There are all kinds of sayings that start with “You’re not___, you’re______.” It might be fun to just insert random words to bring a smile when looking at the pages of my practice faces.  Here are the results. I’m hoping you will find them amusing as well.

blog003 blog004 blog005

Now go make your own art and make yourself smile today!


Making Faces

It is always fun to add faces and figures to my art and altered books. I have been playing with this idea lately in my altered books and I’d like to share a couple of them here. If I was gifted with a natural drawing ability for people, I might just draw them. But just like many others, I need some tricks to accomplish the task! In these two examples, I first chose a nice magazine photo of a face. Now, as copyright dictates, if I want to publish the photo, I need to get permission. So, by the time I’m done, you don’t recognize the photo at all.

I mod podge the photo onto a book page. With my fingers(I’ve been doing this a lot lately…no brushes to clean)I smear on some white gesso over the whole face. I’m careful with the eyes, nostrils and mouth and make sure, sometimes with extra water, to make this layer of gesso see-through. I apply a good white coat down the middle of the nose. Then again with my fingers start to apply paint, this time turquoise, to the shadows…around the hairline, along the nose, under the chin. I alter the nose line and other places so the new face is my own creation. I did a fingertip of blue on the eyes. Then I used an orange pearl on the rest of the face. I used a little red on the cheeks and forehead and perhaps other places. Keep it loose and fun. The more interesting the colors, the more interesting the outcome.  We aren’t going for reality here.  One painting I used a pen to outline the features and add hair. The other I just used it on the jawline and for the lashes. Sometimes I’ll use my Sakura gelly roll pen for the whites of the eyes, and the highlight marks on eyes, nose and lips.  

I hope this inspires you to play in a new way with your art today. See you again soon. Please let me know if you find this helpful, okay?ImageImage